To be a customer

first company

Aim for best service best product best price

To promote

effectiveuse of 

Limited resources

in consideration of 

the Environment

To be a customer      first company

We always keep our customer-first corporate philosophy in mind, and when a problem arises, we will promptly resolve the problem from the customer's standpoint. In product manufacturing, we have built an in-house system that complies with ISO and carry out thorough essential management. We also manufacture safe products in accordance with EU ROHS regulations.



Aim for best service best product best price

We always keep in mind the best service, the best product, and the best price, and try to make products that meet the needs of the times.




To promote effectiveuse of 

Limited resourcesin consideration

of the Environment

We are constantly considering the environment, saving energy, reusing limited plastics, etc., and making effective use of limited resources so that the future of children will not be burdened. ..



絶えず環境に配慮し省エネ効果、プラスチック削減の為の再利用等 限られた資源の有効活用を心掛け、将来の子供たちの未来に負荷が掛からない様に心掛けております。